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During the past few years outdoor and venue weddings have grown in size and popularity. What was once a small intimate gathering of family and friends is now a more elaborate celebration with 40 or more guest. To ensure that all of your guests can hear what is being said these ceremonies will require a PA system to amplify the voice of everyone speaking.

Please beware of DJs that say they can "set up a mic for the ceremony". This usually means one hand held mic for the officiant to hold and pass around to anyone speaking. I know how much time, effort, and money you have spent planning your wedding ceremony. There is a better way!

I have invested in a professional PA system which is completely wireless and portable, yet powerful (800 Watts). It includes an ultra thin head set mic, which I wear, and is virtually invisible. It will amplify my voice, as well as that of the bride and the groom. The system also includes a wireless handheld mic, which is placed on a mic stand (usually off to the side) for any other speakers to use.
You may also use my PA to play your wedding ceremony music. Simply plug your phone, iPod, computer, CD player etc. into my system using the 1/8" jack (which I provide). It will usually go into the earphone jack of your device. You can now have a friend sit towards the back of the ceremony and play the music that you have recorded.

I am asking for a fee of $50 to use this system during your wedding ceremony.                                            

  I am only offering this service for weddings that I officiate.